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Investing Basics
Original Air Date: July 31st, 2013

Investing Basics

Category: Markets & Investments

Guest host Rod Young, CPA, CFP(r), discusses investing in plain, simple terms.
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Investing Basics (Rod’s Top-10 List) – Listen to the podcast for details on each.

10:  You Need to Start Somewhere
9:  Educate Yourself Enough to Make Informed Decisions
8:  Understand Your Risk Profile
7:  Connect the Dots (this investment basic is connected very closely with the preceding Basic of understanding your risk profile)
6:  Connect Your Risk Profile to Your Asset Allocation Strategy
5:  Diversify
4:  Employ Some Tried and True Investing Basics
3:  Keep It Simple
2:  Understand the Costs, Including Taxes, Associated With Your Investments
1:  Avoid the Common Mistakes that Investors Make